2010: Houston Sports

My two loves, music and sport, and I get to write about them in the same fucking day. Spectacular. :D

On American soil, I might be having the worst sports year I can remember. Disappointment is the cornerstone of Houston sports, with the slight foray into the champion’s spotlight in basketball,WNBA, and MLS within the past 20 years. Those are the only three major championships any teams from Houston have won in that time span. Before then. AFL championships were really the only things Houston sports fans could hang their hats on. Unfortunately, the Houston Rockets couldn’t even manage a lottery pick or a playoff spot last season. They slithered themselves into that enviable position of no future and no present. Moving Tracy McGrady proved fruitless, and as this current season continues, the team has lost Yao once more along the way for the season, and probably his career. Les has a lot of problems to address. I feel that Adelman is a great coach, but the ingredients are definitely not there.

This is the part where I talk about the Astros.

The Houston Texans have had the most disappointing season in their short history. I’m not just saying this because I’m a fan. It has to be the greatest gap between expectation and performance we have ever put together. The team [read: defense] has continually failed to prove the pundits correct. Now, at 5 – 9, the Texans’ season is essentially over. Kubiak has to go with the rest of his staff. The team has consistently showed up unprepared and unmotivated. If the Texans could play in the 1st quarter as they did in the 4th, we’d be 11-5 this season with a shot at an AFC Championship game.

Bob McNair has to strongly consider letting GM Rick Smith go. Smith left the Texans with what basically amounted to the Senior Bowl’s starting line-up as the foundation of our secondary after we let Dunta leave. We’ve relied too much on glorified linebacker Bernard Pollard to cover deep. Our corners can’t swivel their hips well enough or jump routes successfully enough to make most NFL rosters. With Josh McDaniels out of Denver, it seems likely that Gary is going to head to Denver, and Bob is going to have to get himself a coach that holds his players accountable.

Luckily, our offense is great, and will continue to be great, but as it is with most Houston teams, we can never get all facets of the game going at once. It’s either pitching or hitting. It’s either offense or defense. The Texans’ offense can’t keep this level of play up for much longer, and the young defense will probably never catch up. That’s the saddest thought of all. The country will never see what I see in the Houston Texans.