I like your socks

Yeah, baby. This is happening.
Yeah, baby. This is happening.

“I like your socks,” one of my co-workers said to an unsuspecting customer today at Barnes & Noble. I thought, “Really? Those socks are FTL, to be honest.” What really made me think was the ease in which she complimented this man’s socks. Is it that she just genuinely liked his socks, or was it because she was moved by the audacity of this man to wear tie-dye socks with his sandals, shorts and a plain white tee? Whatever the reason, it was nice of her, and the gentleman thanked her for her compliment.

I always feel strange giving random to semi-random people compliments. I’m really dry in my everyday interactions with people. It’s just who I’ve become over the past few years. In fact, I’m SO aware of this fact, I shy away from most social situations to save myself and the people around me the trouble of dealing with my silliness. (:o{P) All joking aside, I feel like I will come off as two things when I compliment someone randomly:

1) I will come off as a huge asshole. “YEAH, I really like your dress.” [nervous laughter which is construed as sarcastic]

2) I’m hitting on you. “Yeah… I really like you dress…” [awkward silence]

The second situation I can’t help because I’m a male. It just happens to come off that way. I hate it. I want to say you look pretty without sounding like I want to fingerfuck you during a screening of UP in 3D. Plain and simple.

This being said, I’m still unable to keep my mouth shut. I still compliment people, sometimes for the weirdest shit.

I’m ‘ritin’ about this because of a certain situation I found myself in on Sunday while working at Starbucks (if you don’t like that I work there, stop it). A regular came through the drive-thru and got her usual. Before she drove off, I noticed that she looked prettier than she normally did. She might have changed something up, I don’t know. Not thinking, I said, “Hey, you look really pretty today.” She responded, “Wait, I don’t look pretty everyday?”

This girl is obviously pretty, but I guess she wanted to hear it again. Maybe it was her way of making light of the situation. Obviously, this crazy, half-retarded barista is hitting on her and she needs to deflect and run. I guess that’s what she did.

I have trouble receiving compliments gracefully. When someone says something nice about me I usually play it off cocky like, “Yeah, I know… I have a huge… brain.” I just need to learn to say thank you. However, there are a few compliments I will accept willingly and gracefully:

  • Oh my, you are so much better than my 10 y/o brother at guitar. [SCORE!]
  • OMG your Guitar Hero skillz r so tite. Letz maek sechs [DOUBLE SCORE]
  • Anything from your mom [Sick burn.]

Compliments are a slippery slope, and I feel like people need to learn how to receive and deliver them with more grace and gratitude. That’s all I got for you. Thanks for reading. You’re all beautiful, reasonably intelligent and kind people. I love you. [that was a test]

Keep it on the down low, nobody has to know,