Interior Design

BBB has invested in its culture in both the way we do work and its workspaces. As BBB grew, it needed more space for its employees across its three staffed locations — Austin, San Antonio, and Fort Worth. Our focus was to bring to life the fun and vibrant culture of our growing nonprofit and thread themes across three offices located in distinct communities. Below are examples of work our team created to visually and spatially reinforce BBB’s culture and commitment to impact. Spaces we designed for include all four departmental suites and conference center.

[Role: Creative direction, designer, and vendor relations]

When we moved into BBB’s office in 2017, interior designers were hired to install framed art and some vinyl decals. The art was more about Austin than it was about our mission and vision. As a creative team, we worked to bring in our values as an organization, our services, and themes of hard work and passion that have served as our guiding principles. We played with both words and graphic elements to bring to life our vision of a vibrant and thought-proving set of murals and modular art pieces.

San Antonio
We wanted to bring consistency across our two closest branches. Only 90 miles away, San Antonio and Austin work closely to support marketplace ethics in our communities.

Fort Worth
Slated to be installed in February 2020, we are still working on designs for this space.