Digital Marketing Campaigns

Find Better with BBB
In 2018, our BBB wanted to focus our attention on bilingual millennials in the San Antonio area. San Antonio at the time was the largest market in our service area and the Hispanic community offered a large opportunity to increase brand awareness. Like all companies, reaching and activating millennials to use your service or products is critical. This ad campaign would target both segments and create new users.

My team and I worked together to create a comedic and relevant suite of creative that would focus on positioning us as likable and useful. We focused on making light of life’s little inconveniences and placing as a place to go to find a great experience. After weeks of work, our Find Better campaign was born and served through the last months of 2018.

[Role: Copywriter, designer, and media planner liaison.]

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Outstanding BBB Awards
Winner in Marketing/Branding 2019

The Communicator Awards
Award of Distinction for 2018

AVA Digital Awards
Gold Award: Digital Advertising Campaign 2018

Start With Trust Start With Us Campaign
In Spring 2015, BBB Central Texas worked with a media buyer to place advertisements on site and apps most often used by people who would benefit from visiting and working with a BBB Accredited Businesses. This meant home and garden, lifestyle, and business websites as well as targeted ads in using Pandora and eventually Spotify with both static, dynamic, and pre-roll video ads. The “Start With Us Start With Us” campaign sought to make BBB the first place people checked when researching general contractors, car dealerships, realtors, or where to get started on that next big project.

The bounce rate on dropped to around 4%, and website visits increased by 182% the duration of the campaign. Also, CTR for the ads overall was substantially higher than the industry standard for BBB’s category. At the end of the day, we successfully got the right message in front of the right people and saw a big spike in website activity and a direct benefit for BBB Accredited Businesses.

UPDATE 8/16: This campaign continued into 2016. For a four-month period, the campaign’s performance met or exceeded the successes of most 2015 KPIs.

Here are some examples of the banner ads created for this campaign.

[Role: Designer]

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Communicator Awards (2016 & 2017)

Award of Distinction: 2015 Digital Marketing Campaign

AVA Digital Awards (2016)
Platinum Award: Digital Marketing Campaign

Hermes Creative Awards (2016)
Platinum Award for Digital Marketing Campaign Category

The Marcom Awards (2015 & 2016)
Platinum Award: Digital Marketing Campaign