Playing Favorites 2016

I told you I was back. Since my first blog post of the year back in July, I’ve blogged a total of 0(!) times. Yes, baby! We did it! Despite my lack of “stick-to-it-iveness” and my inability to “get right,” I’m back for my annual end-of-year list. I know, you’re probably like, “Damn, what makes Dago’s … Continue reading Playing Favorites 2016

The Wall

As much as I like to play a disinterested fool on the Internet, I’m pretty dang sensitive and probably more than most. I’m a highly idealistic person (not like in an elitist way but in a “everyone’s humanity should be respected” way), and it’s hard for me not to get my heart broken just about … Continue reading The Wall

El Coco – The Artist Formerly Known as El Cucuy

I’m not a’scared of much, guys. Yeah, getting into large bodies of water, change, being abandoned, Cubans, heights, and ghosts usually terrify me, but most other stuff is fine. I’ve been watching The Following lately, and that just gives me great ideas for stories I should read or how to infiltrate a sorority house. It’s supposed to be scary. There isn’t much that can send chills up my spine. Yet, there is one thing that is universally terrifying for Latin@s.

El Cucuy. Continue reading El Coco – The Artist Formerly Known as El Cucuy