Membership Welcome Packet

Getting a business to become part of your association or organization is hard enough. Keeping them as members through the first year and beyond is another task altogether. BBB wanted to make a great first impression with new BBB Accredited Businesses in order to foster a deep connection at the onset of their membership. The creative team was tasked with upgrading the standard welcome packet.

Instead of a mess of papers in a 9″ x 12″ envelope, which you hoped someone would read, the creative team worked on a packet that would both impress physically and convey the importance/honor of accreditation.

This welcome packet is a one-stop shop for all things BBB–information on programs, standards, agreements, information on advertising opportunities, decals, stickers, and a BBB Accredited Business card.

Personally, I love all the splashes of color. We really went in and pushed the boundaries of the strict BBB brand guidelines. What we created was unique piece not only for the BBB system but for most nonprofits.

[Role: Creative and art director]

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Hermes Awards
Gold Award: Packaging Design 2019

The Communicator Awards
Award of Distinction 2019