BBB Greeting Cards

​BBB sends cards to businesses, employees, media, and anyone else in its community in times of need or celebration. These cards were an opportunity for our creative team to really get outside of our B2B comfort zone. These cards were meant to celebrate, bring joy, and comfort those in the BBB area. I worked closely with the designer and copywriter to make sure our message, tone, and art aligned perfectly.

2018 Holiday Card

We wanted our holiday card to spark a little joy in our media partners and vendors. Our 2018 holiday card serve both as a token of holiday cheer and a ready-made tree ornament. It was so much fun making this Texas-themed Christmas card. Any excuse to put a Santa hat on an armadillo’s head is good enough for me.


BBB Greeting Card Series


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The Marcom Awards
Honorable Mention: Holiday Card – BBB Holiday Card

Davey Awards
Silver Award in Cards for Design/Print for 2016 BBB Holiday Card

Hermes Creative Awards
Honorable Mention for Holiday Card Category – 2016 BBB Holiday Card

The Communicator Awards
Award of Distinction for 2015 BBB Holiday Card