Hi, I’m Dago. I’m a marketing and creative professional from Austin, Texas. My experience includes planning and executing high-performing marketing campaigns, creative services management, design, content marketing, and event planning. I love a good cause and have worked almost exclusively with nonprofits both full-time and as a freelancer. I’m passionate about everything I do and love to foster a culture of fun, expression, and results. 

When I’m not working on something, I’m watching soccer, laughing at something online, playing a video game, or strumming my guitar.

Want to contact me? Shoot me an email at workwithdago@gmail.com or tweet me @tehdago. I’ll throw in a résumé for your troubles.

Let’s chat.

Photographs by Amy Schramm (@schrammography | schrammography.com)

PS: I think you can learn a lot about a person from their favorite songs. Here are some of mine.