The Craziest Show On Earth

I suppose I’ve been hesitant to write over the past month or so about football because it’s just gotten so out of control all of a sudden. I feel like no matter what I do I can’t get my feet under me. Everything is moving and constantly shifting in the Premier League. It’s causing a sort of fan’s fatigue. The sad part is the players seem to be all the same, and it’s all a bunch of mistakes repeated.

Mark Hughes is a mistake that keeps being repeated for sure. Honestly, Fulham dodged a bullet when he left for QPR. A year and a half later, and Hughes is out of a job for the same reason he was forced out of City. He completely mismanaged his squad and the buys that were supposed to get his team to their goal. As true as the sun rises in the east, Harry Redknapp is there to pick up the pieces like he did with Southampton and Tottenham. Maybe he’ll leave this team in tatters like he did Portsmouth, but who knows. There are plenty more examples, but let’s move onto the worst offender.

There’s Chelsea who, since the last time I wrote, have managed to pack about 16 terrible things in the span of a month — the Clattenburg accusation, Terry’s knee injury which resulted in a huge drop in form, losing to WBA, losing to  Juve, Roman firing RDM and hiring Benitez. I cannot keep up with the clusterfuck that is my own team.

I can speak at length about each of these topics, but so many have over the past month, that I’ll save myself the trouble. Most people have their minds made up where they sit in regards to Chelsea. They’re either the worst thing ever or a wonderful example of what corporate structure and dictatorial can achieve for a club that 10 years ago was on the verge of collapse. So, it never really matters what someone says about Chelsea. It’s just never going change. Somehow, Chelsea manage to deepen the divide between the two camps. The canyon between the two widens with each cock up on and off the field. They do have their saving graces — Mata, Oscar, Hazard, Ramires, David Luiz, and other likeables. Yet, it’ll never be enough as long as Chelsea continue to make it so easy for others to pile up on them.

Mistake after mistake plagues Chelsea’s squad and management in pretty much every aspect of their lives. If it’s not infidelity, it’s calling someone a black so-and-so. We let players like Ashley Cole shoot interns with an airsoft gun. We let transvestites that look like John Terry get photographed. We get rid of a club LEGEND who has served the club as both player and manager for one of the most hated figures in recent Chelsea memory. Enough is enough.

Sometimes, I think it’s too much to ask for a successful club and dignity. The way the Premier League has taken shape over the past 5 years, it seems almost impossible. Perhaps it’s England or just the way money, power, and the unattainable can corrupt people, but it just seems like this will never end. I sound pathetic to myself just writing this, but can the season just be over?

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