The Day After: Bad Decisions and Lots of Them

In the world of sport, there are those that will tell you there are no moral victories. They don’t give out trophies for goodwill, and three points don’t always accompany hard work. Fine. That’s cool if you want to be a dick about it. Chelsea lost on Sunday, but what they showed was the determination and grit necessary to win a title. 

Sunday evening was the first Chelsea match played which did not have either Terry or Lampard in the lineup since the Great Chicago Fire of 1871 [1]. As remnants of the old guard that relied heavily on a siege mentality and strength to win trophies, it was my concern that Chelsea would lose the chip on their shoulder that bound the squad so tightly since the beginning of the Mourinho Era and after Moscow 2008 and Ovrebo 2009. Over the past 12 months or so, Chelsea’s squad has had specific junctures where the team has grown tighter. There’s the AVB Era, Barcelona, Munich, and now this match at the Bridge. 

I won’t get into the specifics of the match and what occurred. It’s been overdone, and you can all get onto ESPN and read the match report. The most important thing to take away form this match has to be the reaction to going 2-0 and the resolve they showed right after the first and second red cards. It was the reaction of a champion side. A team that will not be told no. 

We can chalk it up to pressure, good coaching, or the culture, but that is who Chelsea Football Club are again. They won’t just sit there and take it. I think the league may have its hands full. They’ve always had the parts in place. Chelsea have just needed fuel to keep the engine running. That match was a whole heap of coal.

Thanks, Mark.

PS: Big ups to Berbatov and Cisse for holding it down for my fantasy team this week. One Love. 

[1] Lampard is suffering from a calf strain that will have him out for 4 weeks. Terry is suffering from racism which will have him out for 4 domestic matches. 

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