US – Jamaica, again.

I’ve never been so angry after a victory. Someone will probably say this is a step in the right direction for American soccer. We’re expecting to win, dominate games, and this is just an indication that expectations are getting higher and higher. That means we’re getting better. I think it’s two things: 

1) I’m fucking insane when it comes to the United States. They are the only team I’m completely unreasonable about when it comes to matches, performances, and everything else. I love my country, and I love my football team even more. 

2) If Klinsmann is going to promise better soccer and better results, they need to start happening right now. It’s only been a year since he took over, and this process is going to take longer than many of us would like. HOWEVER, we do have the tools NOW to play better football than we have been playing during this cycle of qualifying. People keep saying three points is three points. FUCK THAT. If that was the case, Bob Bradley would still have his job, and Klinsmann would still be on a beach somewhere in Southern California. 

This is not okay. 

We all know what happened last night. We fought hard for our goal. Jamaica were lucky, but once we scored, Klinsmann took the foot off the pedal. The team looked lost. WE WERE AT HOME AGAINST JAMAICA. 

I’m sure in a week I won’t be as mad. But, I woke up this morning still fired up about the lack of ambition for Jürgen.

Edit: I’m so damn unreasonable. Hahahahahahahahahaha [dead]

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