Last night’s win in Mexico

The USMNT did it. They finally beat Mexico at El Azteca. At first glance, this squad looked like it was being sent to slaughter. Without the big names there, the squad looked weak. It felt like a field trip or a fact-finding mission for these players. These players defended well and took their solitary decent chance and finished it. It was a classic American victory — not in the slightest vein of what we thought we’d see from Klinsmann’s team. However, Jürgen has hinted at a more pragmatic approach during his reign. We’ve seen it against better opposition, and it hasn’t worked because of our defensive weakness. Last night, our defense played to its potential, and we see the rewards. 

MOTM: Tie between Howard and Cameron. 

3 Things: 

1. I didn’t know that I could scream as high-pitched as I did when Kyle Beckerman tried that audacious lob from about 20 yards while falling down. It almost got past Ochoa. All I remember was yelling, “BECKERMAAAAAAAaaaaaAAaAN!” in a Neville-esque screech. So, good to know that I should consciously avoid that sound again if I’m ever in trouble or on the phone with 911 and those happen to be the last words I speak/yell/screech.

2. We need to forever wear the candy-striped jerseys. I don’t care what Nike say. It needs to happen. We’ve found our shirt. 

3. I want to apologize to Brek Shea for saying he shouldn’t have been on this team. He has the bravery and the skill to take on players, and it was exactly what we needed when he came on. He skinned one defender and created the time and space for himself to find the right pass. I just hope he can continue to perform for his club and figure out a move to somewhere that will challenge him. 

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