I’ll Hold Off Judgement

I’ll hold off judgement of Chelsea’s team and my prognosis for this upcoming season until Sunday. I’ve been itching to write about what’s wrong with the team and where they need to improve, but I don’t think I’ll be able to really gauge this team until they take on City. 

Rumor has it Chelsea are after Azpilicueta and Victor Moses. A move for Azpilicueta would make most sense for Chelsea, since Ivanovic at the moment seems to be the only logical choice at right back since pompadour enthusiast Paolo Ferreira has been made to play left back and Sam Hutchinson just is not a Premier League-level player. The right side of defense lies on the broad shoulders and obscenely large ass of Branislav. 

RDM snatching up Victor Moses means to me that Chelsea are done looking for strikers. It’s my belief that Di Matteo will AND SHOULD move Sturridge to the center. He’s on the path to become a wonderful striker, and Chelsea need to capitalize on the opportunity his development as a player affords them. Victor Moses would also help provide depth and competition for places in attack, which is something Chelsea has lacked in the past few years. Individuals’ places in the Starting XI in attack were rarely in jeopardy as Chelsea lacked quality past the first choice at each position. That’s why the Champions League victory in Munich and the run up was so amazing. Chelsea did it hobbling and grasping for some sort of stability in its personnel to manage the injuries and suspensions. 

Anyway, I think this all means Kakuta is on his way out for sure. The player that Chelsea risked getting banned from the transfer market for a full year in 2009 is now just another afterthought of our youth academy. It’s really infuriating, but it’s also important to note that Gaël had a hand in this as well with his poor attitude and performances on loan at Bolton, Fulham, and Dijon. 

Personally, I think we need help at center mid. We have some quality, but I’m still skeptical about Essien’s health. I think Mikel may be a little too slow on the ball, and Lampard is getting up there in age. Help doesn’t mean buying necessarily. It can also mean having faith in the youth coming up like Romeu and McEacharan. Unfortunately, I don’t see this happening which is a shame for a player like Oriol Romeu who does and amazing job at keeping the ball and is very efficient with the ball. Same for Young Josh. Both have found it difficult to break into the first team even during preseason friendlies. 

I’m really excited for this season to get underway, but I’m uneasy about the new look Chelsea. Change is hard. 

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