MikeBrad to Roma (And Everybody’s Celebratin’)

If Michael Bradley ever needs a branding team, he needs to hire my roommate and I. Britt came up with the term MikeBrad with his brother, and I just want to be a part of it. I bring no real discernable skills to the table except for the perception of my own wit and some basic German phrases, which will serve him well in… Italy? 

MB4, Casper the Friendly Ghost, is linked with a move to Roma, and before he starts breaking Lazio hearts and stompin’ on the easiest streets Klose can stomp on, the details of this deal need to be hashed out.

I’m very excited about the prospect of an American playing at a club with the stature of Roma. Perhaps not always the best team in Italy, it’s definitely an identifiable and historic club. This is as big as the time Donovan went to Bayern Munich, BUT let’s hope it doesn’t turn out the same way. 

Before the roommate and I can manage Bradley’s multi-billion dollar image and Campaign to End Untimely Balding, Michael Bradley needs to go to Roma and put in the work that has served his game so well in the Netherlands, Germany, England, and Italy. He is a budding star, and I think his time at Roma will transform him into America’s best player. 

Also, having De Rossi in the locker room won’t hurt. Let’s just hope Daniele doesn’t convince MBdaResurrection to follow suit with the short sleeve, long sleeve thing he picked up during a visit to his local Italian gypsy haberdashery. 

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