Congrats to Spain

I’m glad everyone in the media is telling me this is the best team ever. I was worried I would have to decide that for myself or something. Jeez. This 4-0 result was probably the best thing to happen to football since Ballack’s massive bulge broke onto the scene.

As you can tell I’m bitter about the outcome. 

Italy started off well, but tapered off as Spain took the game over and scored two impressive goals. Poor defending did Italy in, but quite possibly the most heartbreaking moment came near the 60th minute when Thiago Motta, Italy’s third and final substitutions, went down with a hamstring injury. A man down and 2 goals to nil, Spain were on track to win their second European Championship in a row. Ugh. 

Personally, my only moments of joy came when Torres and Mata scored in the last ten minutes. 

Mata — one game, one touch, one goal.

Torres —  three goals, one assist, in 189 minutes, GOLDEN BOOT

Ludicrous in every way, but lovely to see my Chelsea boys do work out there. All I could think of was this. 

Prem tiem h8rz

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