The Complaint

The common complaint is that Spain is boring. I’ve made the complaint. Pretty much everyone I know thinks Spain is boring.

The “Spain is boring” argument needs to stop. Maybe it needs to stop at just “Spain is.” I’m getting really lame here, but what if we just sit back and realize how unfortunate it is for everyone else other than Spain that they even exist. Examine the awe of it all. Like a plague of locust, they just are, and the rest of us have to starve with nothing to harvest, nothing to eat. We’re unlucky, which is an unfavorable form of luck.

We’re fortunate to be unfortunate, in a sense.

As a non-European, far from any allegiance to any European nation, I’m okay with it. I’m sure it pisses the rest of you off. 

Spain made it a little more exciting today by winning in penalty kicks, but with the exception of Xabi Alonso, it was pretty much as business-trip-like an event as most Spanish victories. 

I’m calling Germany tomorrow. Italy finally get exposed. I’m hoping for a Gomez brace in a 3-1 match. 

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