I don’t take pleasure in being right about this one.

Not even Frank Lampard could have saved England today. They just as wasteful with their few chances as the Italians were with their 20-something shots. Joe Hart had a great game, and it’s a shame to see him out. The English defense did its job, but once again Rooney failed to produce for England at a major tournament. He looked out of shape and lacking sharpness. Danny Welbeck looked okay, but he could only be as good as the players around him as the passing from England lacked purpose after the first 30 minutes. England looked good to begin with, but not having scored after applying pressure to the Italians seemed to have taken the wind out of players’ sails. The heat helped in that as well. The Italians also ran out of gas, and the play died well into the second half.

To be honest, Hodgson’s men didn’t do much wrong. They just lost in the most English way possible, which I think some of the most fatalistic England supporters wanted in the end. The wanted and deserved glorious defeat. 

Onto the semis. 


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