Before we talk about the French, let’s set aside all of the WWII jokes about how they give up easily against a fluid, precise, and tactically superior attack. Okay. You still there? 


The most effective sleeping aid I have ever encountered was Jigglypuff in a game of Super Smash Bros. Melee. In second comes Spain who continues to lull teams and spectators into sleep by constantly falling on people’s heads while holding down + B at just the right moment. Down + B being incisive passing and great finishing. 

As hard as it is to execute that move in Melee, I think it might be equally as hard for Spain to score in this 4-6-0 system. Yet, del Bosque continues to implement it, and it keeps working. Against Portugal, this will probably need to change, but hey, what do I know. Playing a striker like Torres or Llorente could open up that stout Portuguese defense. 

At the very least, seeing Torres up against Pepe and Bruno Alves could be fun viewing for the whole family. 

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