As the Premier League season has passed, my eyes have focused less and less on the top of the table. At fifth, Chelsea’s fortunes and the league places of those around them seem more important to me. The top has become hazy. I almost lost track of who was ahead and who was behind for a full two months. I just didn’t care. I’m afraid of not recollecting this year’s title “race” between the Manchester sides in a couple years time. Maybe I should try to make it more interesting for myself. But, it really isn’t my job to make something more interesting for myself.

The title race isn’t the focus of this season, anyway. There is too much depth and drama going on between places 3 through 20 for the focus to be held so tightly on 1 and 2. Maybe it’s like this every year? Usually around this time I get swept up by a late season push by Chelsea or a title fight with Manchester United that goes down to the last matchday. However, this year, we’re fighting to stay in the Champions League. Liverpool’s future looks dire once more. Newcastle is surprising people (José Enrique) with their spot. Swansea are killing it. Villa are sinking. Wigan are still fighting. Everton are rising. Arsenal are not being Arsenal.

Truth be told, this might be a lesson for me as a supporter of one of the Big Four or Sky Six clubs. There is a lot of intrigue that goes on during these late season pushes that I’ve never really kept an eye on.

In regards to the title race, I selfishly want United to win. I don’t care about them hitting 20 titles, but I do care about the amount of money City have spent. I don’t want Chelsea’s successes under Abramovich to be even easier to detract. Sure, it helps to have money, but that’s not all it takes to win a title in England. Chelsea for years had the talent and the management to succeed. Merely throwing money at the problem cannot win you titles. Ask Liverpool and Chelsea now—Manchester City in a month. I don’t want it to be that easy because it loses its allure. The title loses its glimmer just a little bit.

It’s always been about money at the top of the Prem, but I still want to be fooled that it takes more than just that.

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