Congratulations to United on their 19th title and knocking Liverpool off their “perch”. Now, we have to sit around for another year listening to United fans talk about how they’re the greatest club in the world. It’s not even the fans at this point. Javier Hernandez said it himself.

In this season of the Premier League we’ve had one of the most exhilarating terms I can remember. Despite the likelihood of it finishing United and Chelsea as first and second again, it can be said that the foregone conclusion was lead by a meaty plot. As a Chelsea supporter, I can say that this was one of the most disappointing seasons in recent memory. However, it was one of the most exciting and riveting. Chelsea didn’t just waltz through the league. Actually, I’m almost certain they never have. Rough patches affect every team. Instead of just waiting for the conclusion of the season, the “business end”, if I may, I was glued to every match I could catch. Every point was important. Every match against a relegation candidate was thrilling. We dropped points, but I feel the sport this season was better for it.

Even the middle of the table was a spectacle of intrigue and speculation. Owen Coyle’s management of Bolton was spectacular, despite their late season dip in form. Sunderland’s topsy turvy season was a sight to behold. Mark Hughes’s formula keeping Fulham up in the face of constant injuries and inconsistency was an achievement. Stoke finally playing football was something I thought I’d never see.

At the bottom, I feel that West Ham and Blackburn are really the only teams that deserve to go down. Every team mired in the relegation battle have fought for their managers and displayed incredible qualities of valor and pride. Wolves have given their supporters something to be proud of even if they drop. They have defeated the English giants. Mick McCarthy’s reign should not end if they go down, even though that might be the case. Blackpool have been everyone’s favorite underdog. Ian’s charm and the team’s attacking prowess have given fans something to rejoice in. Blackpool came into the league and proved that parking the bus isn’t always the best recipe for a newly promoted team. West Brom did the same under Roberto DiMatteo, but it did not work. Roy Hodgson, embarrassed and run out of Liverpool took the helm and executed some of the best work of his career.

Unfortunately, three teams have to go down. The potential new crop of teams entering the Premier League seems promising. QPR with their ability to spend and Norwich City’s amazing consecutive promotions, 2011/2012 looks very promising. I’m backing Swansea to come up through the playoffs, but I would be happy with Nottingham Forest returning to the league.

Anyway, this has just been a hastily put together round up, but what other stories did you find compelling during the 2010/2011 season?


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