New Directions

Shared with me by Britt Luttrell; only he knows the true source.

I’ve decided to take this blog in a different direction. Instead of writing about my random musings or what I’m currently listening to, I’m going to write about the thing I partake in the most, that’s soccer. Football, footy, fútbol, Fußball, ballet with a ball, whatever you want to call it, is an important part of my life. I’ve decided to share more of my ideas and random thoughts on that.

This decision came to me as I was discussing the latest Liverpool result with one of my co-workers. As their eyes glazed over from traumatic boredom due to my persistence on talking about soccer, I knew that I needed a new outlet for my football discussions. Twitter allows me that luxury, but I’m sure my American football-loving friends don’t appreciate it. Although my love for American sports will never die, football is the place I feel most comfortable.

Anyway. Onto the things that I want to talk about today.

Chelsea have been in a catastrophic slump since October. With losses to Wolves, Sunderland, Arsenal, and Newcastle, in the League Cup, it’s no wonder why fans want to buy, buy, buy in the transfer market this January. With news today of Alex’s return probable in February, the need for cover at center back is more apparent than ever. Although Ivanovic’s natural position, his ability to defend and provide quality crosses from the right back position is desperately needed. Bosingwa is a shadow of his former self since his injury, and Ferreira… well, he’s an understudy for a reason. Every night I lay in bed thinking of elaborate plots to somehow get Carvalho back to London.

Florent Malouda’s comments about the problems in defense become more and more on point as the season goes on. Unfortunately, buying David Luiz will not solve this dilemma. Buying Gary Cahill will not solve our problem. The desire to buy has been Chelsea’s solution for too long. Tactically, Chelsea are getting beat match after match. Carlo needs to compliment Drogba up top. In his current form, he cannot act as the attack’s sledgehammer against Premier League defenses. Our wide play is atrocious because our full backs, who essentially act as wingers, have defensive duties they must maintain because the midfield loses the ball too easily or are being man-marked more effectively this season than ever before. Creativity in the center of the pitch is being stifled because of our lack of technique and unwillingness to get forward from all parties on the field. It’s hard out there. Carlo needs to do something quickly, or he’s at risk of losing his job. We’ll see how this period plays itself out. Roman has shown incredible patience with Carlo, because he’s a proven winner… and also because no one else is really available.

Enough about Chelsea.

David Beckham is currently training with Tottenham Hotspur. The prospect of him joining Spurs for the second half of the season has died with the announcement that his insurance costs more than I’ll make in a lifetime. So, he’ll just have to enjoy his time cracking jokes with Pavlyuchenko, which just go over his head, while he awaits his MLS return. Oh, and Becks is expecting a baby, which is really exciting for all of us football fans because I’m sure it’ll have some sort of silly, life-ruining first name. Brooklyn Beckham can attest to that. It’s a shame it won’t work out. I wanted to see if Beckham could still do it on a cold and rainy Tuesday at the Reebok.

Kenny Dalglish has returned to Anfield, and has probably come to the realization that this is going to be harder than he anticipated. With away losses at United and Blackpool in two separate competitions within the last week, King Kenny is searching for the same answers Hodgson was a week ago. Granted, the United match was decided by a United-shirt-wearing Howard Webb. Blackpool is a team that Liverpool with that talent and that ability should be able to see off. Holloway has now pulled a double on Liverpool. Honestly, there might not be a better person in the EPL to lose to. So, there’s that. I anxiously await the resurgence of Liverpool Football Club only because it makes the game more exciting for fans of the English game.

Currently, there are five teams within firing distance of the title. With less than twenty matches to go for everyone. This season will probably prove to be the death of me. Chelsea looked to be running away with it in September, but an undefeated United lead the pack. Defiant Arsenal are out to prove everyone wrong. Passing it into the net works. They swear. Potent Manchester City are out to prove that the Chelsea formula for success, when injected with bovine hormones, is by far the easiest way to win a title. That and having a manic-depressive Tasmanian devil leading your attack. Edin Dzeko picked up from Nazi-infested (Video game joke. I love German people. Ich liebe Deutschland.) Wolfenstein might prove to be the purchase of the season. Quadruple-teaming defenses around the EPL with Silva, Tevez, and Balotelli, fueled by his anti-racist, pro-snood rage, might prove to be the injection needed to encourage Mancini to give up the park-the-bus-and-pray-Arsenal-hit-the-post-16-times approach to football. Everyone’s hateable losers Tottenham are also yipping at everyone’s heels with a strong defense, the wonderful wing play of Bale, and the creativity of Van der Vaart being the greatest attacking threat they posses. He’s the EPL’s buy of the season, hands down. Chelsea supporters, coaches, and staff are all confident that they can still win the league. Mathematically, this may be true, but it would take a miraculous turn of events for everyone to just fall off. Get real.

Anyway, that’s what I’ve been thinking about all week. I’m excited for the fixtures this weekend. Hopefully, the next post will be a bit more focused. <3 u all


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