Hey, y’all.

I ain’t dead, yet. I’ve just been really busy, and I can’t seem to find inspiration to write about anything anymore. So, I’ve decided that instead of sharing everything on my googlereader shared items list, I’m going to do it here. Nothing like using other’s works to inspire your own, right? I swear, I’ll write some original stuff, but in the meantime can’t we just laugh at other people? Isn’t that what America’s all about? Anyway, between the band, school, work, and trying to find true unconditional love between me and a non-human and trying to get that recognized by the state as a tax exemption, I just don’t have much time to roll out the lols with stories about peeing and ghost riding whips. I’m sorry, brosephs and Brosario Dawsons.


Plus, I know y’all don’t like it when I talk about sports. http://twitter.com/AustinEPL

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