People don’t curse on Facebook as much as they’d like.  Many choose to replace letters in the words with asterisks or similarly-shaped symbols and numbers.  Do they believe the censored letters will prevent anyone from really being offended at the word?

I can’t get mad at Dago! He used an asterisk to obscure a letter in the word f*ck.  The person who his talking about might just be a thief.

Well, if you’re going to curse or insinuate it, you should do it right.  You run the risk of me thinking you don’t give a “shot” or a “shut” or getting me to believe you’re really after someone’s Adollardollar.

There’s something to be said for self-restraint.  I admire someone who can hold back.  I know people are trying to hold back in order not to insult someone or a group of people.  Maybe your church group follows you on Twitter or some bible thumper is going to get on your case for saying something crazy-go-nuts on your status update.  Avoiding these sort of people is key to Internet happiness.

A sense of propriety on the Internet only exists when something is attached to your name.  The braver you are usually depends on the grade of anonymity you have been granted.  People are brave on Facebook because of physical distance.  It’s this physical distance that prevents people from getting jacked up when they say something stupid.  Their words must still be carefully chosen because their name is attached to whatever comment they make.  People are even braver on Twitter because the only connection to your name is a feed.  There are no photo albums, no Farmville (to be made fun of for).  Only the things you WANT to share are there.  Sites that allow you to post anonymously, like Youtube used to (sort of) and 4chan, are full of demeaning, disgusting, and vile comments and files.  The bravery stops as soon as you attach a name to whatever you’re writing.

You don’t want to be held accountable for your thoughts or your words because you’re afraid of the consequences.  You’re afraid of the ideas people will have about you in their heads either in a professional or personal environment.  People might take something the wrong way.  What should be universally understood is that we all have those bad thoughts and awful things to say.  No one is a saint.  No one is perfect.  I want to be held accountable for what I say but fairly.  I think that might be the issue.  Society at large still hasn’t gotten over the word fuck.

My heros.

Humans are complex creatures with a ridiculously wide spectrum of emotions, feelings, language, etc. that make us the most marvelous animal on this planet.  To deny ourselves the sweet release of yelling obscenities or foul language in any platform is to deny ourselves our humanity. No matter how civilized you might think we’ve become, we’re still raw, emotion-driven machines.

Stop fucking using that sodding asterisk and rip into something.


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