Real Men Love Jesus

3 thoughts on “Real Men Love Jesus”

  1. Dago,
    I try to fit the “open-minded Christian” bill, and am even serving in a faith-based AmeriCorps program. But, I live w/other Christians who have spent lots of their time telling me who I am and that is probably the biggest thing that has made me rethink being a “Real Man” (as the bumper sticker suggests). Anyways, thanks for sharing!

  2. I knew that was a Lil Wayne reference pre-link. Real Men Love Weezy.

    I wish some of the Christians you’ve described would take the time to realize that fledgling Christianity, the religion the Bible teaches us about, had so much to do with dealing with and living in an environment spattered with persecution. While Christians are still persecuted for their beliefs, I doubt it happens often here, at least certainly not to the extent that it used to.

    The Bible taught Christians, among other things, to preserve a cult. Unfortunately, many “real men” are stuck in that mindset, flexing their christulinity.

    Great post, Broan of Arc.

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