Mi Copa del Mundo

3 thoughts on “Mi Copa del Mundo”

  1. First time I’ve ever really watched “soccer” and for that matter alot of it. Got swept up in it. Was in Europe, so it was really one of the few things I could understand on tv.

    As a first time-r I’d say that football, like many other things, has some stereotypes that are true and some that are excacerbated. I enjoyed it. Although the officiating was insane, and frankly I hated the Cup yesterday. Maybe Spain deserved to win, idk. It was just an awful game imo. I was too distracted by all the chest kicking dutch and cry baby spanish.

    Anywho. Found a new sport to enjoy. and learn3d stuffz. c00l!

    (oh yeah, typo on first line… where you at dago?)

  2. Oh, dammit. Hahah, of course I would leave that misspelled.

    Glad you got to experience it in Europe. Shit’s batty over there. Hopefully, you’ll get into club football and support the best squad in the world. CHELSEA CHELSEA!

  3. A World Cup list for my World Cup friend:

    – Three attempted penalties (one disallowed and two saved), one clear penalty not given, and impossibly no goals. All in three minutes.

    – I thought the third place match was the best of the tournament. Forlan was beautiful in that game.

    – Speaking of beautiful, Mesut Ozil is one of silkiest, most arrogant technicians with a ball that I have seen in a long time. Even without the ball, his constant movement is like watching mercury slide down a Plinko board. I really loved watching him play in this tournament.

    – The noise I made when Landon scored against Algeria. It sounded like some sort of plains-roaming mammal at an S&M party, if that can be imagined.

    – Ramble podcasts have been good n’ plenty.

    -Seeing normal looking people take up interest in our team, or in the game in general. Countless times my jersey was recognized and I was asked about a result from people named Tom and Linda and Richard. You know, old people. I loved it.

    -Having someone to defend 0-0 and 1-0 games with. Soldier on, Dago.

    – I thought Germany were so excellent against England.

    Bring on the next one!

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