#MM on a Saturday

Ok, well, I’ve decided that since this match has been sucking ass I’m going to write something while I wait for Korea to actually show up against Uruguay.

Lately, I’ve been having trouble keeping up with new stuff or things that might pique my ears’ interest, but I’ve been listening a lot of really great stuff lately.  I’ve also been having trouble listening to hardcore lately. I just can’t get in the mood. I feel rushed enough already, and I can’t seem to read while I listen to brewtal shizz.

One band is Colossal. I don’t know much about them–what label they’re on or where they’re from (yes, I’m too lazy to do a quick wiki search).  I love their stuff.  I describe them to most people as “American Football with balls”.  Actually, I think I described Native as “Minus the Bear with balls” in a previous post.  Creative.  So, if you like soft, Mangione-like, Beirut-lovin’ trumpet melodies, creative guitar lines and low-range punk singers, go for it. VERY WORTH IT.  Here Come the Problems is a great album

I’ve been also listening to Joie de Vivre, a band on Empire! Empire! (I Was a Lonely Estate)’s label Count Your Lucky Stars.  Great stuff.  The transition from hard to soft, heartfelt yelling and soft, lingering vocal lines without seeming forced or contrived is a real accomplishment.  They’re catchy as hell.  North End, released this year, is a wonderful album with smooth transitions and melodic ear candy.

As I mentioned in my last music post, Grown Ups was about to release their new LP. It included new recordings of their 4-song EP and 6 new tracks.  Although the new mix took some getting used to, in regards to the new recordings, they did not disappoint. Some GREAT stuff. The new album is probably going to be my favorite album of the year. Although, I’m reserving judgement until the new Tony Danza comes out.

Ok, that was a quick round up. Still listening to tons of Hey Mercedes, Braid, La Dispute, Mars Volta, etc.


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