The Internet

I guess my name is just this sign and the letter O at its conclusion, right?

Today, I was at Wal-Mart buying something that I didn’t want to have to drive three miles to get.  So sue me!  I shopped there for convenience! OK! Anyway, as I was going through the self-checkout, the only avenue for people in the retail industry in my opinion, I spotted a woman behind me reaching for some gum.  I looked over my shoulder and read her shirt.  It said, “Got ASL?”  In my head I thought, “LOL look @ dis fkn perv.”

ASL (American Sign Language)- a language that uses hands, facial expressions, and other bodily behavior to communicate both concrete and abstract ideas; some signs are based on English words, but ASL syntax and grammar are not based on English.

The back of her shirt said something about the Texas School for the Deaf.

I’m the perve…

OR the Internet has ruined me.

I was really tempted to just say to her, “23/M/Austin!”  Of course, she wouldn’t have heard me, but I would have had a chuckle.  Worth it.

It’s just ridiculous to think of all the things that I’m missing out on, misinterpreting or just ignorant to because of the age I’m living in.  What would I be like if I didn’t actually A/S/L in high school?  Would I not find this funny at all, like many of you don’t?  Probably.

– Pat-of-the-hip-finger-snap-O

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