Like Anka Does

Breaking up is hard.  In a couple of weeks or so my father is bringing up one of his cars to replace my current vehicle, El Güerito.  He’s been my Toto, the Robin to my Batman, the pills to my alcohol for the past 6 years.  I’m coming to terms with it.  He’s going to be gone soon.  Out of my life.  It actually really saddens me.

It’s an inanimate object.  He has no feelings.  He can’t talk back.  He’s my companion.  Everywhere I go across this perpetually changing city, Güerito is there for me.

He was there when I needed to get away from that party full of high Theater majors freshman year.  He was there when I first moved away from home.  He was there to take me between Houston and Austin to see my parents, my girlfriend, my dogs and to reconnect with where I’m from.

I’ve spent about an iPad and a half’s amount of money on fixing him since mid-December.  That’s too much.  I could be surfing the web with ridiculous ease right now, but I’m not.  I’m paying for this car not to overheat, for it not to stall, for it to even get out of first gear.  It has broken down too often…

A time for lists:

Top Five Moments with El Güerito

5.  Partaking of a certain substance in the Threadgill’s parking lot before eating there for the first time with my freshman roommate, and Corona (that’s a dude’s name).

4. The drive to Palestine, Texas with my girlfriend at the time.  I hit speeds of over 110mph in that thing, and I have the ticket to prove it.  I was so proud I showed it to my dad.

3. Driving up and down South Lamar with no money, depressed but needing somewhere to be.

2. The first time I ever drove down 360 to 2222.  We never had anything like pink limestone in Houston.

1. Driving you during my first driving test and failing because I couldn’t parellel park well enough. Damn, you had a big ass.


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