First Day

One thought on “First Day”

  1. I wonder, too, how much weight plays in this, as well. As a fat man myself, and as a lover of nice, burley men, I wonder if not blending in often makes us have strange personalities. It’s something that’s especially highlighted in first encounters and new environments. Usually, I don’t put it as delicately, but you notice a pattern. Especially in theatre people. There’s always the fat, loud, insulting, possibly funny person.

    That aside, I’m sure grad school will go well. It sucks at first. It’s a lot of work, which tangibly translates into lots of time. But I think since you’re in an MLA program, there will be a good mix of adults in there too, or people that have had to grow up. The game’s not the same, and that’s pretty refreshing.

    Buena suerte, amigo.

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