Moving [on]

5 thoughts on “Moving [on]”

  1. hey, thanks for writing this. i needed it.

    i get attached to things, and especially places, really easily. not even necessarily my own home-place, but other places where magic happened and because it happened there, i feel as though giving it up ends the magic.

    i don’t actually mind change so much as i mind moving on.

    “She knows I want to fight back, but we know that we need to move on” –beautiful.

  2. Well done.

    I fought so hard for Duj. By popping in, dropping by, going back… I tried to hold on to the pieces of it that I had left. But you are right. “You’ll never come home to it. You’ll never feel the contours of the walls again. You know just where everything is, you know how it reacts and it’s comfortable, but it’ll never be yours again.”

    I couldn’t have said it better myself.

  3. Hey Dago,

    Great post. I felt the same way when I left my first apartment after 2 years…I LOVED that place. I still miss it…and the cute little squirrels who would come to my window. This post speaks for many I’m sure…We all think it…but this gives us words. Thanks.

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