Collector’s Edition

3 thoughts on “Collector’s Edition”

  1. So it turns out my pog collection could have probably dominated yours. I had the big ones, slammers, too. I never lost. Though, I can’t seem to remember how to play the game at all. I collected comic cards, Marvel to be exact. Those were the bomb. Especially cuz all the super chicks were so frakking hot.

    Also, there were days when Jason and I collected Star Wars things. That has come back for me. I read Star Wars books and can’t wail till Star Wars Knights of The Republic comes out. Also, I love Star Wars ringtones. And when I get a chance, I watch the Clone Wars off of TV. That’s how I continue my collecting. OH and video games of other sorts too.

    Dago, you failed to mention your obsession with collecting mp3’s of shitty music lol.

  2. Yeah, dude my POGs were weak. I had like one reliable slammer. I don’t know, you probably would have beaten me.

    lol@frakking hot chicks

    I still need to read the new Star Wars series. It’s about zombie storm troopers and shit. Have you heard about it?

    Dude, my 10,000 song collection of shitty music is rad. Don’t hate. :D

    1. There are so many books. One set, The New Jedi Order set, is so frakking dramatic. I mean, it floors me every other book on what they do. I can’t stop reading them. and my honors professor tells me it improves my GRE vocab to be reading sci-fi so I’ma keep doing it.

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