Tony Romo refuses to win playoff games.

I tend to draw several equine-themed comparisons to my personality.  “Ass” comes to mind, but many of you have witnessed my stubbornness.  I’m stubborn as a mule.  It’s not that I can’t ever be wrong.  I’m well aware of how fucking stupid I am. Thanks.

It just takes me a while to believe it.

I am steadfast to protect my ideals, beliefs and favorite sports teams.


I hate Christmas/the Holiday Season.

Why? Well, that’s fucking easy.  Christmas was always a depressing time for me as a kid.  It might have been driven by my desire to want to know my family better and consistently missing the opportunity. Christmas is the perfect ruse for bringing people together.

I have no idea what it’s like to have a close knit extended family because of circumstance and rivalries.  It always puzzles me to hear people talk about hanging out with their cousins.  Cousins? I only really got to know one, and the others were just peripheral in the long term.  Meh.

People always rave about how the Holidays are a time for family and friends.  For me, it was always a time to get away from school and to eat tamales. Yum. Tamales.  And, let’s be honest here, no one cares about God during the holidays anymore.  It’s not 2003.  We don’t have to pretend anymore.

It’s not like I hate on family.  I just don’t know what that’s like.  Sometimes, I think I’m jealous of folks that have lots of family around, but then I think of the most ridiculous episodes of Arrested Development and take back my jealousy.  I should be happy with who I have in my life, but I’m selfish.

I’m very pro-death penalty

I know I’m losing a lot of you at this point. Actually, I’m just pro-death.  If you want, you can just wait until the resources run out and just watch people die.  I really don’t want to wait around that long.  Let’s just get it over with now so we can save ourselves the trouble of having to wield a sawed-off in order to get milk from the local grocer.

I’m not promoting eugenics or genocide here.  Those are two things I don’t really “get” or endorse, but I just think that maybe we shouldn’t be quick to chastise, or help, those who don’t wear seat-belts or decide that getting into a polar bear cage is a good idea.  We should encourage intrepidity.  Of course, when we do that we end up with a lot of funerals and memorials on our hands.  Ugh.  Social gatherings.

I’m anti-funeral, but oddly enough, very pro-gun.

I’m convinced that Texas is the best state in the Union.

Mack Brown lives here.

I think all children should learn a second language.  Yes, even French.

Being bi-lingual and being able to fumble my way through German makes for fun and interesting encounters.

In certain parts of Britain, French, German and Latin are parts of a child’s curriculum.  Texas, a state that shares a border with Mexico, barely has any Foreign Language requirements in early childhood education, and the requisite courses in middle school and high school are hardly stringent enough to make an impact.  If we put an effort into teaching second languages, maybe we can improve the our cultural and societal state in the coming generations.  It’s one thing to learn about a place, but learning someone’s language gives you insight in their culture.

Probably won’t happen.  Kids are too spoiled and bunch of sods.  I include myself in that assessment.

The Dallas Cowboys are the worst team in NFL History.

I don’t care if they beat the Pedophilia Eagles last night, the Cowboys run game consists of three mediocre backs, they have no #1 receiver and their defense is suspect when actually confronted with the run.  The only bright spot on that entire team is Tony Romo, but the Cowboy band wagoners can’t believe that the boy can flat out play.  He might get you in tight spots, eat greasy fried foods before holding field goal attempts or nail psycho broads, but he is the only reason Dallas wins.

Where he goes, Dallas goes, and if you can’t protect him and your receivers can’t get open there’s only so much you can do.  Blame your O-line, not the kid who nearly gets killed every game and survives because of his athleticism.  This just isn’t Romo.  It’s every quarterback since Aikman.

Every decision made by Jerry Jones is profit-driven.  Whether good or bad in your eyes one thing is for sure, they are not football decisions.  Pacman worked out right?  Owens sure delivered that Super Bowl.  Parcells wasn’t hired because of his coaching ability.  Jones wanted butts in the seats, and instead of giving the man the locker room necessary to win, he threw a wrench in it and the entire Parcells Era. Also, who fires TOM LANDRY?!


I’m certain I’ve shown my ignorance through this post, but I’m convinced that we all have things that we truly believe.  There are things that we hold that can’t be defeated through logic or reason.  Our religious, political and social beliefs are all dripping with emotion.  You can’t defeat emotion.

I’m in a glass case of it,


2 thoughts on “Stubborn”

  1. I’m torn on the death penalty, while I am on the belief that just some people deserve to die at the same time for me that means sinking down to their level and where does the line get drawn?

    I am pro-gun though : D

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