6 thoughts on “Sounds”

  1. “Metal heads are never taken seriously because they are considered weird and focused on being strange. This is a notion I still have today.”


    1. … is true? I honestly believe after I explain what I listen to people don’t take my opinions about music, or anything in general, seriously. I don’t mind. :D

  2. I am not sure that the music I listen to is taken seriously either. It’s interesting to be driving around in the car and I’m listening to Mickey Hart, or 2001 or any other new age band and I can hear the top 40 from one car and a pounding bass from another! My music tends to calm me down and, hopefully, make me a better person at work! I love a good drum beat or rhythm that I can connect with during the day. Some music I hear just makes me want to run for the hills, but it could all be an age thing.
    As a teenager, I listened to the Beatles, of course, as well as Steppenwolf (which my mom hated), Jimi Hendrix, etc. I still love them, but if it’s just music I want, I’ll turn on my new age cd’s.
    Great post, Dago, and it gave us something to talk about at home!

  3. Thanks for sharing this stuff, ‘Berto. I dig hearing about your process with music. It gives me insight into the you I knew at St. Edward’s.

    Dirty Projectors are great. Mae is great-er.

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