Mad Muggin’

6 thoughts on “Mad Muggin’”

  1. Dago’s blog: the highlight of my week. I don’t read anything else online that makes me laugh so hard. Keep up the good work! :)

  2. Can’t decide if this is funny because of Kimbo or because I DO know that HEB. But he held his own for a while in that fight, and Nelson beat him in what I would call “little-bitch-white-boy” style.

  3. I was in a fight in sixth grade. Some stupid bitch on my ghetto ass bus kept saying I called her the *N* word when I was this poor little white girl listening to her 311 cd. Pushed on me once startled me into wailing on her with my 50lb backpack (I wasn’t good at locker combos yet) started bleeding and left me alone the rest of the year. Point is you never really know what’s in you till you’re forced to show it. Love your blog keep em coming!

  4. Lol what is mma? Massively multiplayer assholeness? Oh and is famed taqueria critic a real thing? I also depend on the color of my skin for people not to step up. Also my killer crazy stare.

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