HA! Samurai dawg!
HA! Samurai dawg! I want to say, "Fail!" However, this does make me feel a lot better about my life right now. Look at those plates of armor on his LEGS!

I’ve always admired people that can draw. Really.

When I was five I drew like I was one. Now that I’m twenty-three, I draw like a five year-old. At this rate, by seventy I should be pretty damn good. Well, good enough to win a prize at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo Art Contest. I remember kids entering pretty bitchin’ drawings of prairies and livestock. I was always jealous. I tried my hand at drawing stuff in middle school, mostly during class, namely Texas History. It always just turned into tracing. I’m fucking pro at tracing.

I can’t even cut straight. Seriously, to this day, when someone hands me something to cut at Barnes & Noble, like a series of tags or those new cards, I just freeze. I have meaty hands to begin with. Couple that with my pea-sized brain, and you have a recipe for disaster. I’m surprised I can even type as fast as I do or play guitar. I feel like I have Quasimodo hands. I don’t know what his hands looked like, but I assume they were as fucked up as his face. [BOOM! Roasted!]

Unlike guitar, I gave up on drawing anything after middle school. If someone asked me to draw something, I would decline. One time I was forced to draw something in American Government in class. I was supposed to draw the Congress, Supreme Court and the White House. It ended up looking like a bunch of Happy Meal boxes and a dildo somehow. The teacher asked me to stop fooling around. She thought I was doing it on purpose… Well, I wasn’t. Although, it didn’t help that I was laughing at how ass-backward everything looked.

As stated before in this bloggo, I admire anyone who can create. I don’t admire people who are assholes about it. Certain people come to mind, Kanye, Billy Corgan, anyone in Austin. I just don’t understand it.

Anyway, this is my second writer’s block post.

OK, that made it better.


3 thoughts on “Drawing”

  1. You really should say at your text that the drawing is made by Hiroyuki Setogawa !!! AND HAVE YOU ASK FROM HIM THAT YOU CAN USE THAT PIC?! >8(

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