4 thoughts on “Vulgarity”

  1. I honestly don’t think there’s a better feeling word in our language.

    LOL. Agreed.

    Thanks for sharing the fucking history of your foul mouth, yo.

  2. god… if i were to think back to the origins of MY vulgarity, that would be quite the story. i was the first kid in a tiny private stuck-up jewsnob school to get in trouble for a) cursing and b) physically lashing out. (I kicked a boy i didnt like.)

    sometimes my parents ask me why i curse so much and i reminded them that they left me alone to watch south park reruns when i was in 4th grade.

    and as i constantly tell them, “fuck” is the perfect way to get your feelings out in a cathartic way that doesnt ACTUALLY hurt ANYBODY.

  3. no joke, you and I, though from different backgrounds have a very similar foundation of cursing. except the latino influence, cuz me no habla espanol. actually the only similarity is the gangsta rap lol. all those songs you grew up listening to were the same ones my brother (7 yrs older) used to play in his room. i remember when i listened to The Chronic when I was 6. good times.

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